Tulipany i inne

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Tulips, but not yet from Holland :-)

Not long ago we had firm hanami party in Showa Kinen park – very big place, next to emperors garden probably the biggest in tokyo, it’s very cool to be in such big place, especially after living in concrete jungle all the time…

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Img 0500

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Hanami season has almost passed but just now the weather is good enough to go out and celebrate hanami..

Img 0395

Img 0396

Img 0404

Img 0446

Img 0483


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Cherry blossom is ready – farewell party for Greg:

Img 0332

Img 0340

Img 0341

Img 0356

And next day geek party – Asia BSD Con 2008 ;-)

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Img 0365

Img 0369