Szybki test bankowy

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Recently i came up with an idea – to open in bank account in poland but with japanese yen as currency…

Anyway i am transferring money to poland every month so such account would help me a lot, and additionally i would be able to enforce currency conversion rate anytime i like, not depending on international transfers etc..
Thing i was worried the most was just opening such account being in japan and not having to go to poland.

After short checking banks it seems that only 2 banks offer such account for private people – Postal Bank and Nordea.

So i check Postal Bank first – on website it shows that they offer such account, when i click on “apply and fill form” it goes to contact form, okay, so i fill it and wait for contact.
After few days i got email with content like “how can i help you” and phone number – calling it, and the guy in bank told me that he has to check everything, is it possible to open etc..
After few moments i got email with content like “Unfortunately, we cannot provide such account to you” – what ??? I am calling again to get more information, why etc, And he tells me that they do not offer such account…
Great, he was very well informed and website also very up-to date.

Next bank is Nordea, on website everything great, account is there etc.
I am calling call-center, they say that it’s no problem at all, i can open account anytime even being in Japan, i can even fill the apply form over the phone and they would send me all documents via post even to japan – great.
The only thing i would have to is confirming my identity and signature in polish consulate.
Lady on the phone was very well informed and did not have to check any information.

As you can see – level of service and competence in various banks is very different.

But unfortunately probably my whole idea will not work, it seems that international transfers are only done in USD, EUR or target country currency – as least moneybookers says that – will need to confirm that with my bank.


Mini statystyka z wyborow w Japonii

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This is just a statistics from parliament election in Poland.



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I don’t carry my camera recently so not many photos coming…

Among all those vending machines there is one rare type – battery vending, what’s interesting it uses mains electricity which does not promote batteries itself ;-)

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Img 6303

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Na wybory Marsz!!!

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This sunday we have election for the new Polish government, collecting people and all together going to vote…
For whom ? For someone who we won’t have to be ashamed of… (and we are ashamed a lot now, despite it does not concern us), We are ashamed for overall stupidity, incompetence, unreliability, unprofessionality, lies, kicking ankles, collecting dirty evidence for each other, we are also ashamed for those Polish masses who are easy to manipulate with all that stuff.
We do not want such government, we want to be proud of our country and have beliefs that things we tell our friends here are true, we want to show Poland to them and never be ashamed of how it was/is/will be(cross out unneeded)…

This is why we are going to vote.