Back to Reality

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Short vacation is over, today i’m already at work, after spending 5 days in least japanese part of Japan – Okinawa.

  • Tropical Climate
  • Palm trees, banana trees, pinepples, shikuwasa (okinawan lime)
  • 32 degrees in septeber (whereas in poland 10 :-( )
  • very very nice weather (sometimes rainy but as in tropics, suddenly and short – especially when now is typhoon season)
  • coconut milk from freshly cut coconut
  • clear (and very salty) water
  • very different people, friendly, open (they even look a bit different)
  • haven’t seen any salarymen (and haven’t looked for any)…
  • oldspice (there is NO stick deodorants in japan, recently i found one in costco but bad quality . In okinawa i found my favorite oldspice without any problems)
  • green everywhere (mostly sugar cane)
  • spacious , if you run out of it, endless ocean is just a step away

What’s interesting, because of many U.S. Army soldiers, by default every foreigner is considered American (and nobody even asks because they already assume default), when we spoke to one guy playing sanshin (okinawan shamisen) on the street, he asked me where i’m from, then he said he already knew i can’t be american because i look intelligent ;-) ;-) – good to know…

And now… back to old reality, crowded trains, daily work-home routine…

Photos will be coming in batches as i progress with developing and scanning.