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Recently i found very advanced toilet ;-)
It has everything you can imagine (except speaker – some toilets provide music or sound masking the one caused by activity…)

1 Stop Flushing
2 Large Flush
3 Small Flush
4 Water pressure +
5 Massage
6 Spray nozzle position – front
7 Spray nozzle position – rear
8 Spray
9 Bidet
10 Water pressure –
11 Drying
12 Deodorizer level
13 Softener spray
A Clock
B Water pressure indicator
C Nozzle position indicator

1 Timer Minutes
2 Timer Hours
3 Timer Set
4 Energy Saving (auto)
5 Energy Saving (time based)
6 Nozzle cleaning mode
7 Automatic flush
8 Drying power
9 Water temperature
10 Seat temperature

Zima Zima Zima

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Finally there’s some snow (much more than last year),
this time it was snowing for few hours, even in the evening i could still see some snow laying around.
Just a few photos below:

Img 8711
Img 8716
Img 8719
Img 8720
Img 8722
Img 8727
Img 8731
Img 8734
Img 8737
Img 8738


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Jiburi (ジブリ) which stands for Ghibli in normal language is a movie studio, well known for many animated movies, My Friend Totoro, La Puta, Hauru’s Moving Castle and others.
We could get tickets (mostly those are sold out 3-4 weeks in advance) and visit studio’s museum, taking photos was of course forbidden so i just have few ;-)
They also hand out mini-cinema tickets made from real movie-film.

Img 8674
Img 8665
Img 8669
Img 8686
And shoppin:
The gray thing = big totoro, white = small totoro, black = makkuro kurosuke (dust), cat = nekobus (cat-bus) :-).