Tokyo Bayoasis

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Few days ago we were taken to an artificial island called Tokyo Bayoasis, in fact – is’s just stopover between underwater tunnel and bridge – but also perfect shortcut over Tokyo Bay.

Tunnel – 9601 meters long and 60 meters under sea level (real huge ships sail over the tunnel without any problems)

Img 5889

Part of island – as main exhibition they are showing plate which was used for drilling the tunnel:

Img 5907


Img 5929

Img 5931

And here efficiency of Japanese coast guard – 3 people were in that small boat, and it looks like it’s forbidden, because guards took all of them on board (i’m not even surprised – large cargo ship wouldn’t even notice them…)

Img 5951



polish english 

No special subject today, many emergencies at work, slepless night…

Harajuku pedestrian crossing.

Img 5468

And another way.

Img 5469


Img 5525

This guy didn’t move for over 10 seconds – tough one..

Img 5490