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Today is my 1 year anniversary of coming into Japan…

So far i have met many great people, seen some of this weird country, met some natives, have some opinion on what to and what not to like here, has 2.5 apartment changes, lost and found my alien registration card, made japanese drivers license, started learning guitar, learned a bit or japanese language, changed job etc. etc.

Terroryzm pod kontrola

polish english 

As melun wrote , security gates on the airports are ready to use.
To increase importance of the idea surprisingly fast they have written an article which shows how great and successful it is: they stopped 5 foreigners trying to enter japan using fake ID’s, just below that you can read about fingerprint scanners which sometimes don’t work, either because of skin problems or maybe just hardware/software failure, in such case all decision is upon immigration office. If this is supposed to help catching “bad” people i agree with it, but if it’s supposed to extend waiting times and make problems then i don’t agree.