Jingis kan

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If somene already read the book: “Hokkaido, Japonia bez gejsz i samurajów” knows what that’s about, Jingis Kan is traditional hokkaido meal, similar to our barbecue, Lamb chops, vegetables etc.
We got few servings of jingis kan from hokkaido to prepare at home…

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Img 4819


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This thing is parked near by apartment ;-)
Looks like from space.
It’s called messerschmitt, manufactured together with airplanes by the same company, even way to get inside is like in plane – window opens sideways.

Img 5249
Img 5250
Img 5251


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What’s missing ? ;-)

Img 4292

A laptop without keyboard looks interesting, mine ended up with a juice spill so i had to disassemble the computer and clean it up.
I’ve taken the laptop apart several times so it wasn’t any hard, but the keyboard assembly alone has 5 layers of plastic foil and whole lot of tiny screws with fragile bending latches – takes some skill. Quick shower, overnight drying, putting it back together in the morning and it works ;-)

Direct cause of spilling on picture below:

Img 5684

UPDATE 30.03.2010 – The backlight didn’t work at all, after 2.5 years i managed to fix it by replacing the backlight layer:)