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Over the last few days i have no time, feel so lazy ;-)

Img 0407
Img 0418

This board is standing in front of Kanagawa prefecture drivers test center – how many people died in car accidents, how many wounded over last day and the same since beginning of the year.
Pretty informative for upcoming drivers…

Img 0474

Next thursday i have second shot at driving test ;-) the first time i failed – if i understood correctly i should the turns in different way…
On the test track they have fresh green grass and off i go to pass it next time ;-)

Img 0472-1



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Img 0187
Img 0197

Very famous along Marcin’s readers fields of cabbage:

Img 0200

Old hotel
Img 0201

Mori-san restaurant view
Img 0207
Img 6678
Img 7092
Img 7469
Img 7473

Someday i come to work and see such papier on my desk ;-)
Img 7476

Line to the bus, evenly and calm.
Img 9895



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Another photo set i forgot to put in, this is from the day when Tomek got back to Poland, we all had drove him to the airport as surprise and to cheer up later we visited oceanarium – Kamogawa Seaworld.

Img 7203
Img 7230
Img 7238
Img 7240
Img 7262
Img 7263
Img 7264
Img 7268



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I just noticed that in all that mess i forgot to put in photos from Disney Sea trip which had place almost month ago.

What to do if we forget lens reflection protector ?
borrow from shoko paper coffee thermal isolator and put onto lens…

Img 6808

Of course if we have protector and not have a thermal paper with coffee we can use it instead…. ;-)

Img 6812

Small lie – why not ;-) We arranged fake birthday for Tomek – he gets special stickers and heard happy birthday from everyone that notices it.

Img 6817
Img 6824
Img 6843
Img 6864
Img 6870
Img 6875
Img 6877
Img 6930
Img 6933
Img 6942
Img 6943
Img 6945
Img 6949
Img 6958
Img 6959
Img 6961
Img 6962
Img 6966
Img 6968
Img 6972
Img 6973

What if polish army got back home with such blankets?
Img 7073