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Few photos from DiesneyLand parade, looks very nice live – and is really long…, maybe over 30 minutes.

Img 3842
Img 3861
Img 3878
Img 3883
Img 3898
Img 3905
Img 3911
Img 3924

Information who cleaned the room, just in case…
Img 3980

Rollercoaster – only one in disneyland (or disney sea) with 360 degree turn.

Img 3993


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Recently i don’t have spare time, this time don’t even have idea why ;-)
In a few days moving to new house, slowly packing my stuff, in two next fridays mini-vacation.
Weekend seems to be interesting.

Img 3764
Img 3770
Img 3798

Następne fotki z holgi

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Yokohama, akarenga, sakuragicho and yamashita koen.
Accidentally i forgot to setup scanner i colour negative mode instead of black/white negative and got this effect:


The same in correct mode:

Long exposure (by hand):