Jak należy myć schody

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With special greetings for Tomek ;-)
This how stairs should be cleaned, 3 persons, 2 are cleaning with special machine, one person securing whole process, around markings, warnings etc.
Cleaning stairs was our favorite complainint subject – everyday walking to work we had luck with stairs cleaning on our station – cleaner in a mask, with dry sweeper, no water and dost going straight in our faces.
This team is the best example how it should be done.

Img 2661



polish english 

This time no special subjects:

Volunteer fire corps Shibuya…

Img 1653
Img 1660

How to stand in a line to train (non-standard, in most of stations they ask to line up in pairs)
Img 1801

Mini-museum at Bashamichi station: banking boxes, safe doors, some steam tank

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Img 1804
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Mixed company (japanese girl ant the one with camera live here, rest are turists), coming back home from some jam-session, next to me was musical equimpent, mystery hand on right side reaching for cookie…

Img 1820