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Yesterday we finally managed to see photo exhibition of Gregory Colbert (http://www.ashesandsnow.org/).
It is all awesome, i couldn’t believe that those pictures are real – to prove this in each of 3 halls they show movies filmed during taking photos – whole this surrounding – music, light, photos makes you walk around and stare at photos without the end.
And everything is so simple – hall made of ship cargo containers, covered with plastic foil roof, inside some construction poles, primitive wooden floor and some stones. (Unfortunately taking potos was strictly forbidden – we even could not to use mobile phones inside).
After exhibition we had dinner almost all together in mexican wild cave and then late night walk on odaiba.

Img 1880
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This is how a hit post look like – proof of very high driving skills of a driver who did that – to avoid further damage and warn others road services are marking the post with this mark and everyone is satisfied.

Img 1180

Just accidentally spotted near work, engine was still warm…
Img 1476


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Not so long ago slava rescued some Japanese guy (completely drunk), recently gred saved some Polish guy, ending on few hours spent in hospital, and here on my small station fire brigade is rescueing some citizen – what’s interesting, here all duties of first aid belong to fire brigade (maybe they also have first aid but never seen any).

Img 1163
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