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Because we could not go to polish team matches (because they play in Osaka not tokyo), we went to match of japanese team, they played with netherlands, lost but match was quite interesting. Polish match in weekend, on saturday Poland-Japan ;-).
Last update – Poland won with Japan ;-)

Championship puppet :

Img 4855
Img 4860
Small show to warm up audience:

Img 4891

Team preparing to hymn:
Img 4923

Img 4982
Img 5002
Img 5024
Img 5229



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Accidentally i noticed very interesting thing, walking down the street i noticed cucumber and eggplant near sidewalk, with chopsticks as legs, pretending to be some creatures, after long walk it seemed that there is more of it,
Precisely, this week there is obon which is similar to polish day of the dead, it works as: family puts cucumber and eggplant in front of house, put them legs made of chopsticks – cucumber is meant to be horse and eggplant cos (sometimes you can see horse and cow made of grass), in addition to that eggpland in small pieces on a plate, sometimes rice cookies, some weed and burnt chopsticks, – what’s the purpose, greeting spirits of the dead who according to beliefs visit their families every year.

Img 5236
Img 5239
Img 5240
Img 5241
Img 5244
Img 5246



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My new apartment, as for now only exterion, interior photos will be later when i make some of them (and clean up)…
(mine is on 1st floor, behing that car)

Img 4149

Nearby driving range – golf practicing field: construction

Img 4154

Player, photo from behing protective net and very far distance:
Img 4168

And some flowers and plants:
Img 4219
Img 4244
Img 4259