Tajfun – dzień następny

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Typhoon did not pass completely yet, it’s not raining anymore but still windy.
Everywhere i see damaged umbrellas, level of tamagawa river which i pass everyday is maybe 5 metres higher,
on the riverside there was green grass and playgrounds. Now everything covered with water, only trees are high enough to be seen.
On third photo form the end there is small pole and wire – that’s electric wire powering the small island – during some events shopkeepers settle there and sell goods,
under wire there is a bridge – can’t be seen now…
Juri says that it was the strongest typhoon she has seen until now…

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Hibiya flamenco matsuri

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Hibiya Flamenco Fiesta, 2.5 hours of shows, 14 different dances, surprises ;-), for over 2000 of audience they picked up randomly 20 seats which got a gift, we made it :-)

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Here is a gift, box with olive oil, olives and 3 spanish wines.
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