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FreePCB build – BusPirate

Finally got the PCB’s and built both of them, it was a great exercise in soldering, and eye test too, especially the SMT 0603 components.

It went pretty smoothly, one of the devices did not respond (but ftdi was visible over USB), quick test with shorted rx/tx demonstrated that ftdi was not at fault,

then quick trace verification showed that the rx pin on the PIC was lifted a tad (nearly not visible) and didn’t have contact, pushed it down, soldered, and voila – full success.


Want a FreePCB ? – go to

Little break

I guess everyone has noticed little stagnation here.
I’m just taking some break from the life, not taking many photos, not doing much, enjoying beautiful snow on weekends (snowboarding), resting, letting my friends have some rest from myself, focusing on my work duties etc.

Also, recent events significantly slowed down my life and made me rethink some stuff, take a breather etc…

There are some good news to share though, coming to the greater public in near future :-)