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Trip to kamakura.

Probably the most recognized eatery in the area, everything is very old, damaged, worn, but the place is great and will last long long, there’s big amount of visitors’ photos and autographs proving that place is well-known.

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Img 5645-3

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Amitha Buddha in Kamakura, it’s even possible to go inside (for 10 JPY)

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There’s something magical in this place, there were many more of those squirrels.

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Money laundering ;-) – put bills into the basket, dip in the water and dry over the fire.

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And something totally unexpected – Polish…

If one couldn’t read:

Please, so that my beatiful life with Pascal

lasted forever, so that we could

establish wonderful family

And please give me a job where i could

realize myself and meet

open-minded people


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Śnieg pada, Śnieg pada, cieszą się dzieci…..

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Happy time has come for us, finally there’s some snow outside, some Japanese kids don’t even know what is the snow. Unfortunately there’s not much of it today and it melts immediately.

Trochę zaległych fotek

Przez naprawę laptopa narobiło się sporo zaległości, ale juz się poprawiam:

Budyneczek o ciekawej konstrukcji, niedaleko sklepu apple w Shibuya:

Img 3618-1

Okolice Shinjuku:

Img 3929

Img 3939

Dekoracja świąteczna na płocie parkingu samochodowego w Machida:

Img 4101

Wieżowce w Shinjuku:

Img 4180

Img 4189

Widok z 29 piętra w dół:

Img 4203

A tutaj po lewej stronie widać ciekawy efekt, w szybie odbiły się Japońskie znaczki kanji:

Img 4204

Img 4205

Imprezowa noc

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There is no night buses/trains here, going partying there are 2 choices, either finish at 11PM to get last train home or party all night until first train.

Img 4073

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Img 3669-1

Rest after all night long party:

Img 4075

Img 4077