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I finally developed first film with photos made with my new 3D camera. It costs 2300 JPY which is almost 60 PLN or 19 USD, all made of plastic, no optical parts – simply camera obscura , it is do-it-yourself set of a lot of small parts (manual is Japanese but very well pictured so it is fairly easy).

How to look at pictures:

There are 2 ways to do that:

First is to look at some point behind screen and slowly mowing head back for about one meter having in mind to stare only on the same point (even if we do not see it) – then both photos should become one three-dimensional.
Do not focus your sight on photos – focus it BEHIND photos – only this way each eye gets right image.

Second way is to make squint using eyes – which is, do not focus eyes inwards – focus them outwards – this way both photos with again become one 3D image.

Simple howto how to watch stereograms is on this page





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