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Recently i had opportunity to play table tennis a little bit, 10 years of not-playing does the thing and i have to practice a lot to play.

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To next day i am prepared much better, i bought tennis racket and balls.
And there is something very interesting, i was looking for racket for over 2 days and couldn’t find any.
Finally i found professional tennis shop which had over 100 sorts of just wooden tennis rackets, more than 100 of rubber sides to attach to rackets, protective bands, balls etc.
After long time i chose my set and it is Butterfly LEJUMU-FL medium-fast racket, YASAKA XTEND 1.8mm and YASAKA MarkV 1.5mm rubber sides, to this i added balls, protective case and whole set is ready.
Shop service just in few minutes made fully-functional tennis racket using chosen materials, glued everything together and cut to fit.
Until now i didn’t even realize how complicated it is and that such shops even exist, i thought the only company i know (STIGA) does matter but it seems they don’t even know that brand.

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