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Here we see the worst thing that could happen to someone in Warsaw in a bus – go along with school or preschool trip… In Japan it is not a problem, kids are very calm and nothing bad happens.

Recently i saw such trip here, there were groups: red tulip, blue butterfly and pink-orange piglet.
Identification very simple – every kid has hat in colour of his group, when such group is walking it looks very nice, you see only colorful hats.

And some interesting fact – old people live mothers with children very much – in a train completely strange people are playing with small kids, making them smile etc. It looks very interesting, finally mother can have a moment of rest. Watching this situation from my point of view – it seems very sweet, maybe too sweet…

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And here something even more interesting: Warning sign called “I am pregnant”, but it does not sound so direct,
Black letters on top: yasashii kokoro zukai wo onegaishimasu. Which would mean: We ask for your unterstanding and help.
Blue on bottom: onaka ni aka-chan ga imasu. Which would mean: I am caring a baby.

Sounds very polite, is not offensive and sometimes work – Japanese people are not keen to let pregnant women sit down and help her and that’s why such stickers exist to remind some people about that fact.
This sticker was inside of train car, near “Courtesy seat” – specially separated part of a car for older people, pregnant women, people wth medical equipment – heart pumps etc. (inside this zone everyone should switch off mobile phone).

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