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Ehh, it was a long course, last thursday i had my last lesson and final test,
i had to prepare 3 minutes long speech on any subject i want, in coffee shop before lesson i just outlined basics to talk about and improvised.
After speech it was time for test (precisely two tests) – first was 97/100 and second 98/100 points which is quite good ;-)
Price of the course is not so small, a lot of sacrifice from me was required, coming back home after midnight after lsssons etc., but effect is amazing, i met a lot of great people, can pretty well talk in Japanese on simple subjects, i understand much more and generally i can have much more satisfaction of being here.
Next course i plan to start maybe next month after i get a bit of rest after this one. In the meantime i will probably learn more kanji and playing the guitar.


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  1. no niezle, gratulacje! a czy pan Kobayashi to cos pomaga w nauce, jak niegdys pan Yamamoto?

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