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New life ahead, few days ago i received my visa, soon i will change my job (company name is secret for now), everything is just perfect.
For those who don’t know – changing visa while staying in Japan is very much possible and not so hard, despite fact that my current visa was valid until end of november and preparations for changing it were quite long there was no problems, i didn’t have to leave Japan (to invalidate visa), no tricks (and officials know very well that popular trips to ie. korea are used to reset visa status) etc.
In my case i need a bunch of documents, including resume, diploma, contract, termination letter and even confirmation that i receive salary (or remuneration). After completing all documents it took exactly 8 days to approve my status change, later 2 days to put new status in my passport and that’s all. I didn’t even have to wait standard 4-6 weeks. I got best visa ever possible – 3 years(and that’s a lottery, even relies on mood of official), no limits, with multiple reentry permit.

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  1. Fajnie ze sie udalo bezproblemowo, jak zamierzasz zostac do konca nowej wizy to chyba wpadne i skoczymy na browarka jakiegos musashi kosugi no chikaku ni :). Gratulacje :D

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