International Robots Exhibition 2007

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Booked and planned over month ago, got info from Stewart about robots exhibition in odaiba, it took only registration to fill and we were ready to go, after getting there service person dragged us to “overseas” line, and juri had to say she’s from Poland ;-) – this line was much shorter that japanese one…

Various robots, this one was supposedly used by NASA in rescue missions:

Img 7680

360 degrees camera:
Img 7681

Another spinning camera (and part of me on the photo which does not happen often ;-) ):
Img 7685

3nm precision microscope:
Img 7688

Trash dumper:
Img 7702

This robot built using LEGO Mindstorms was measuring something in the car (car was running at full speed all the time):

Img 7719
Earthquake-proof floor simulator – you can look at fluid bottle what is the difference – left “house” is not proofed, and right one has double sliding floor:
Img 7727

This robot was saying “konnichiwa” and waving hand:
Img 7733

This also wasy saying something and walking/riding around:
Img 7738
This is what we call “bad timing”:
Img 7740

Guard security robot (and they really use them, for example in
aquacity in odaiba)
Img 7741
Img 7745
Img 7749
Img 7753

Robot capable of taking over the stairs:
Img 7754

Walking zebra:
Img 7757
And cockroach ;-) :
Img 7761
Img 7762

Hand controlled by laptop:
Img 7766
Android – for dental practice:
Img 7769

And baby simulator, heavy for almost 4kg, crying, needs diaper changing etc.
Img 7787
Img 7789


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