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Got a lot of heat at fire festival and got too lazy to take any new photos ;-)

Snowboard already planned for thursday, tickets ready – i bought those myself in japanese ticket vending machine, have good trick for this machines, buying tickets with specified day (only in japanese but fairly easy), getting blank tickets, then inserting them again, choosing english and modifying tickets to choose specific train, choose seats etc. :-)

Already bought sponge pants to have my butt less painful, this time we’re going to snowboard over 6 hours so more accidents are going to happen.

Recently very weird thing happened next to my place, on sunday (fire festival) i left home at 11 AM. on small street ahead there was nice nissan fairlady – so i’ve take a look around – driver was sleeping (and it happens pretty often that people sleep in cars on that street). Coming back after 6PM – the driver is still sleeping. Next day i’m going to work – car is still in the same place, driver still inside but this time he had tape all over his face, tape was also on the roof and mirror.
In the evening car wasn’t there anymore but few days later i’ve seen exactly same car around and i could swear driver inside was different person…

Few days ago i also had close encounter of neighbour from upstairs, they just moved in, and the husband brought cookies with advance apologies for his family and children…
So, now it seems no complaints will be accepted – got your cookies so shut up ;-)…


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