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Nothing special is happening in my life right now
as well, no time for anything. There’s many things happening around, those planned, those at work, those unexpected, those irreversible, those unexplainable too… I’ll leave the details for myself those those who might know some already…

Finally i scanned overdue films (over 120 frames in 1 day) – thanks to my magical box, after a while of using, despite of ugly look it works pretty well, protecting films from dust which is everywhere.

All that dust accompanying scannig is definitely worth time and money sacrificed to make this box, today few new photos from mamiya, more photos coming soon.










And the box itself:

Img 2677

Better description:

Box made from plexiglass, dimensions approx 35x35x70 cm, mostly air(dust) tight, with special sleeves to load film etc, on the back there’s a hole covered with fabric, on the right special space to insert film stripes, there are 2 small shelves for storage, wiping cloth,gloves etc.

Looks weird, but for those who encountered problems with dust while scanning it should be understandable …

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