A gdzie ma ogonek?

polish english 

Where is the end of this queue ? there are 3 ends…

What is that all about ?

It’s about a queue to the shops register, to show a concept here’s simple diagram:

Register 1
Register 2 | Register 3
\ | /
| | |

After work i went to the shop for small shopping (among others – polish pickles :-P ),
shopping has been chosen, everything in the basked to i’m heading towards the register, going to the closest one (or rather 3 of them), looking above me there was “manunal on how to use register” and:

One register on the right, and two on the left, each one has different queue leading (all starting in the same point), so (as everyone in civilized country would do) i stood wide in the very middle – taking all 3 lines meaning i will go the register that frees up first (in poland it’s very efficient and popular), and what ??? didn’t work out here because lady behind me somehow?? decided that i may be waiting for register number 2 (maybe i was tilted to left or what), because as soon as line number 1 became free she rushed in front of me into the register…

What’s the conclusion – if there’s a rule that means a rule to stick with – it doesn’t matter if it’s stupid or inefficient… And if you encounter foreigner trying to be smarter than the rule – punish him!!!

Where’s the logical thinking – THERE ISN’T !!!

And this is how it works here, people do exactly what are they told/written to, for us (thinking ones) it’s very easy because everything is given straightforward (and we don’t always agree with it), local people also (don’t even have to think because everything is so easy), but as we can see it doesn’t teach them to be effective and smart at all..

It make great sense in japanese companies, where employee has designated set of tasks to perform, and at all cost don’t try to outperform and be better than others… being programmed to do one thing and do it until the very end…

Why be better and smarter if old japanese saying has – nail that stays above others should be put back into it’s place.


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