Snow snow snow

Finally there is snow where it should be, and after long waiting i was able to go snowboarding,
this time i have my own gear and wear.

06:30, Approaching mountain, had to wake up at 4 A.M., get into the car and drive almost 200 KM north:

Img 6192

One hour later, the mountains:

Img 6258

Img 6219

Img 6217

Img 6200

08:30, Meh, fully equipped and ready to roll all day





The weather was perfect, great powder snow, nice mountain with many wide slopes.
Now, time to wax my board and get ready to go again :-)


2 thoughts on “Snow snow snow”

  1. Dzieki, nawzajem.
    Nie, nigdy wczesniej nie jezdzilem.
    w 2008 2 razy, a w tym sezonie juz 4, nastepny w ten weekend :-).

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