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Na wybory Marsz!!!

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This sunday we have election for the new Polish government, collecting people and all together going to vote…
For whom ? For someone who we won’t have to be ashamed of… (and we are ashamed a lot now, despite it does not concern us), We are ashamed for overall stupidity, incompetence, unreliability, unprofessionality, lies, kicking ankles, collecting dirty evidence for each other, we are also ashamed for those Polish masses who are easy to manipulate with all that stuff.
We do not want such government, we want to be proud of our country and have beliefs that things we tell our friends here are true, we want to show Poland to them and never be ashamed of how it was/is/will be(cross out unneeded)…

This is why we are going to vote.


polish english 

Right now i am moving my blog to new server rented in real datacenter in france and in the meantime doing upgrade to new version of software.
If you see this post it means you get webpage from the new site :-)

Poland: The Update

polish english 

Today i accidentally fond movie “Poland: The Update” on youtube, saw all 5 parts,
Foreigners living in poland describe their feelings, impressions, how do they live there etc.
Partially i agree with them but not in everything. Worth having a look.