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Koniec przerwy – Mam już laptopa

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WOW, i finally picked-up my laptop from repair, they replaced the whole logic board, lcd display and housing, in fact what has left unreplaced is the keyboard (replaced once before) , hard-drive, cd-rom, battery (also replaced once before).
Also since it was a major repair, my 1-year warranty starts all over.
I also got brand new cd’s with MacOS X to save my time installing all updates since buying my laptop.
Apple rulez ;-)


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How many people is needed to open Dell computer ?

Three Japanese (one from Dell service) is not enough,

The company upstairs called Dell service to have their CD-ROM replaced, man could not open the computer, they called us, opening took about 5 seconds (for those who know how ;-) ).

I would expect service rep to know how to open a computer without any problems….


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I finally took my laptop to have it repaired so I’m computerless for a week, photos will have to wait.


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