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Another roll

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This is the best part, i CANNOT explain this picture, my camera doesn’t support taking multiple shots on one frame, and yet somehow this looks like it… or maybe ghost…



Protekcja rynku

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I think there’s no other country in the world like japan where local-market protection would be so strong.
Not long ago i bought bluetooth headphones: Sony DR-BT22 and wanted to connect them to my ipod,
wasn’t even easy to find shop which has phones, 90% of available models are those hanging on the back of neck and i don’t like those, i want those overhead ones. Some time ago i had one more from plantronics – the pulsar but this was crap – fell apart after 4-5 months. Finally i found a shop, before going there i checked which bluetooth adapters will work with phones and ipod, of course manufacturers webpage states that only sony-made adapters work – and they make only one – TMR-BT8iP. So i’m asking for the adapter – they don’t have, asking why – don’t know, they just don’t have, and what’s bad – similar bluetooth adapter for sony’s walkman is present in big quantities…
Why they have walkman adapters and not ipod ones – competition, everyone knows they compete with apple… And simply not having adapters is easy way to fight it…
So i was left with no choice, had to buy some other adapter risking it might not work, guys in the shop said the one i chose (maxell) wouldn’t work but other one (sanwa mm-btad10) should, we tried and all works fine.

Later i checked on the web, adapter TMR-BT8iP despite being offered by Sony IS NOT AVAILABLE anywhere in Japan, and i’m not even surprised, that’s how they do business here – by not having certain products…

And it’s not over with just ipod vs. walkman, even with cars, fees for used one (ie. more than 3 yrs old) are so big to make it totally impossible to own one and to force oneself to buy new car…


Terroryzm pod kontrola

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As melun wrote , security gates on the airports are ready to use.
To increase importance of the idea surprisingly fast they have written an article which shows how great and successful it is: they stopped 5 foreigners trying to enter japan using fake ID’s, just below that you can read about fingerprint scanners which sometimes don’t work, either because of skin problems or maybe just hardware/software failure, in such case all decision is upon immigration office. If this is supposed to help catching “bad” people i agree with it, but if it’s supposed to extend waiting times and make problems then i don’t agree.