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Today we went to opera, the real one, It was very interesting, we did not understand anything – it was all in german with subtitles in Japanese.

Flower shop near my house, i was getting back home from voleyball championship and testing new camera flash – as you can see it’s quite powerful.

Img 3433-2

Opera – WiT, Shoko (hidden behind Wit), Wakana and Markus.

Img 3449-2


Img 3451-2

Opera itself – not many photos because taking them was forbidden ;-) i had to take them during applause not to disturb the show – this is a disadvantage of professional cameras because they are very loud.

Img 3452-2

Img 3457-2

Img 3487-2

After show we got onto the backstage, took the musicials for beers and got to restaurant like this:

Img 3497-3

Img 3498-2

Img 3503-2

Img 3507-2

Img 3524-2

Img 3526-2

Img 3538-2

Img 3545-2

Img 3547-2

Img 3579-2

Img 3590-2


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