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More photos collected, this time various and with no special subject:

This is my new lens – Lensbaby 2.0, very simple, bend elastic part as you wish moving the focus point, squeese it all to focus, final photos have blurry exterior while central part is shart – cool thing.

Img 3874

A bit different upside-down Christmas tree in harajukuu:

Img 3909

Shinjuku Station, if you’re not in hurry you can give blood…:

Img 3940

Yamato Moku – hero of my town:

Img 3957

How about PEPSI shoes ? ;-)

Img 3959

Or police “car” ? ;-) (they also have bicycles)

Img 4053

Mini-park next to my place, was very dark but photo looks ok:

Img 4056

Probably rabbit invites to come over into kids shop:

Img 4085

Yukata shop:

Img 4087

A Frog ;-)

Img 4173


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