Spotkanie przedświąteczne w ambasadzie

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We were all invited to Polish Embassy for before-christmas event.

A lot of people came:

Mr. magician:

Img 3731

Img 3732

Mr. Ambassador with a plate:

Img 3756

Kaczor and Ewelina:

Img 3759

Kasia, Wakana, Markus, Ewelina:

Img 3774

Mateusz and WiT:

Img 3782

Piotr couldn’t avoid fans even in Japan:

Img 3793


Img 3797

And now we are leaving the party:

Img 3799

Kaczor and WiT:

Img 3805

you should know them by now ;-) :

Img 3808

them too:

Img 3809

Shoko and Grzesiek:

Img 3812

Grzesiek being hugged by Sam:

Img 3822

We were wandering around Shibuya and found shadow show, here is the dragon:

Img 3826

Just people:

Img 3837

And finally some food for Tomek:

Img 3841


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