Sylwestrowa noc część 1

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Our preparations for new year’s eve started with big Ramen serving – chinese soup, ramen-place fits 40 seats along the sides, everyone eats the basic same thing, there only differences are additives, there are only 2 versions: small starting from 650 JPY and big starting from 950 JPY.

Img 4784

Big Ramen serving looks like this:

Img 4781

Guess the gender…

Img 4787

Retro toyota car:

Img 4790

Img 4791

And Warszawa (Warsaw) ;-)

Img 4799

And then waiting until midnight at the Restaurant, recipe for good fun:

Take 5xPoland,1xMoldova,2xBosnia,1xTurkey,0.5xFrance+0.5xJapan, 0.5xBrasil+0.5xPoland, stir but don’t shake too much.

Img 4807

Img 4827

Hachiko Square:

Img 4847

Img 4849

Img 4855

Img 4884

Img 4891

Tomek finally saw lightsabers:

Img 4904

Img 4908


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