Sylwestrowa noc część 2

3-2-1 Hurray, New Year has come…

Img 4912

“Hi, i’m Karol, Happy New Year” ;-)

Img 4913

Img 4925

Img 4927

Img 4931

Pub after all that, was tight.

Img 4940

In front of the pub:

Img 4952

This was cool, guy playing the guitar, second one comes, finishes his coffee, gives the guitarist rhythm from and now we had a musical band, after a while few people gathered to listen, on the side photographer-girl (i’m always wondering don’t they feel cold in those skirts).

Img 4965

Img 4967

Img 4969

Img 4973


Img 4977

Guardian Angels – local volunteer police.

Img 4983

Big spoiler is a must (it might fly away without it, who knows…).

Img 4985

Piggy-backpack is trendy.

Img 4989

Img 4993


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