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Odabia – an artificial island, they have Toyota showroom there, shopping mall, ferris wheel etc.
Nobody wanted to wait 3 hours for testdrive on toyota track so we ended up just walking around.

Way to get there – “train”, fully automatic, no driver, no rails, wheels like a truck:

Img 5016

Img 5018

Venus Fort – made to look like Italian town:

Img 5038

Img 5039

Img 5041

How do *YOU* carry your dog ? (it has to be fully hidden in your bag)

Img 5025-1

Toyota showroom:

Img 5047

Img 5055

Img 5057

Img 5060

Img 5066

Img 5071

Img 5083

Mini dog-bar, place your dog there, wait for the water and you got something to keep the dog busy for a while:

Img 5122

Img 5145

Wspomniany już kiedyś GhettoBlaster:

Img 5152

Img 5157


Img 5172

Img 5228

Img 5237


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