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This saturday we visited Radek on his end of the world – town called Misaki. Then we all went to Aburatsubo to Mori-san restaurant.
Places like this simply are nowhere else, 30 meters to ocean, phones discharge 3 times faster because of low reception. People are different.
What’s inside – restaurant-gallery, time on the clock is different, date is from yesterday, only seconds are important as metronom, hours are not even visible.
Total improvisation, everyone plays some instrument, a lot of guitars, 2 saxophones, 2 synthetizers and drums, and just like that everyone gathers almost every day and just play.
Our expressions – place just like from other world, reality does not exist here, only phones and a lot of technical stuff bring us down.

In the background bar and kitchen:

Img 0238
Img 0245
Img 0247
Img 0272
Img 0273
Img 0287
Img 0297
Img 0308
Img 0325
Img 0334
Img 0339


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Some of Japanese inventions below:

Home ATM, i have no idea how it works and what is it for, and if it’s a not a toy but the idea is very interesting:

Img 9928

Manual document shredder, why utilize energy and space for mechanical one if you can have one like this always with you:

Img 9930

Flower waterizer, use it as bottle cap, put the sharp edge into flower soli and water spills slowny watering out plants:

Img 9932

As commonly known Japan is very strict about recycling, so here we have tool to remove plastic band from a bottle, caring about surface is also important so table or chair socks can really elongate durability of fllor or tatami:

Img 9934

There are classical glasses, there are shaded ones, but ones like those i never seen before, Glasses with pinholes, just like pinhole cameras, as you see on the photo there are many appliances for them:

Img 9935

WiT pokazał już pojemnik na banany ale stojak to coś nowego, dlaczego nie, wygląda ładnie i estetycznie ;-)

WiT shown banana case but banana stand is something new, why not, looks pretty nice ;-)

Img 9936


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Last saturday we had a chance to participate along witg Greg and Wlodek in Eri’s birthday party.

Wlodek talking to Eri:

Img 0085

Img 0002
Img 0020

I finally got courage to go get a haircut:
Img 0034
Img 0047
Img 0099
Img 0114
Img 0152
Img 0177
Img 9950
Img 9961
Img 9983


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Recently i had opportunity to play table tennis a little bit, 10 years of not-playing does the thing and i have to practice a lot to play.

Img 7526
Img 7530
Img 7605
Img 7608
Img 7625
Img 7629
Img 7752
Img 7775
Img 7779

To next day i am prepared much better, i bought tennis racket and balls.
And there is something very interesting, i was looking for racket for over 2 days and couldn’t find any.
Finally i found professional tennis shop which had over 100 sorts of just wooden tennis rackets, more than 100 of rubber sides to attach to rackets, protective bands, balls etc.
After long time i chose my set and it is Butterfly LEJUMU-FL medium-fast racket, YASAKA XTEND 1.8mm and YASAKA MarkV 1.5mm rubber sides, to this i added balls, protective case and whole set is ready.
Shop service just in few minutes made fully-functional tennis racket using chosen materials, glued everything together and cut to fit.
Until now i didn’t even realize how complicated it is and that such shops even exist, i thought the only company i know (STIGA) does matter but it seems they don’t even know that brand.

Img 9886