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Some of Japanese inventions below:

Home ATM, i have no idea how it works and what is it for, and if it’s a not a toy but the idea is very interesting:

Img 9928

Manual document shredder, why utilize energy and space for mechanical one if you can have one like this always with you:

Img 9930

Flower waterizer, use it as bottle cap, put the sharp edge into flower soli and water spills slowny watering out plants:

Img 9932

As commonly known Japan is very strict about recycling, so here we have tool to remove plastic band from a bottle, caring about surface is also important so table or chair socks can really elongate durability of fllor or tatami:

Img 9934

There are classical glasses, there are shaded ones, but ones like those i never seen before, Glasses with pinholes, just like pinhole cameras, as you see on the photo there are many appliances for them:

Img 9935

WiT pokazał już pojemnik na banany ale stojak to coś nowego, dlaczego nie, wygląda ładnie i estetycznie ;-)

WiT shown banana case but banana stand is something new, why not, looks pretty nice ;-)

Img 9936


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