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This saturday we visited Radek on his end of the world – town called Misaki. Then we all went to Aburatsubo to Mori-san restaurant.
Places like this simply are nowhere else, 30 meters to ocean, phones discharge 3 times faster because of low reception. People are different.
What’s inside – restaurant-gallery, time on the clock is different, date is from yesterday, only seconds are important as metronom, hours are not even visible.
Total improvisation, everyone plays some instrument, a lot of guitars, 2 saxophones, 2 synthetizers and drums, and just like that everyone gathers almost every day and just play.
Our expressions – place just like from other world, reality does not exist here, only phones and a lot of technical stuff bring us down.

In the background bar and kitchen:

Img 0238
Img 0245
Img 0247
Img 0272
Img 0273
Img 0287
Img 0297
Img 0308
Img 0325
Img 0334
Img 0339


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