Jak należy myć schody

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With special greetings for Tomek ;-)
This how stairs should be cleaned, 3 persons, 2 are cleaning with special machine, one person securing whole process, around markings, warnings etc.
Cleaning stairs was our favorite complainint subject – everyday walking to work we had luck with stairs cleaning on our station – cleaner in a mask, with dry sweeper, no water and dost going straight in our faces.
This team is the best example how it should be done.

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One thought on “Jak należy myć schody”

  1. hehe, schody to pikus, na 2 przystanki od lotniska w wawie na Zwirki i Wigury stoi sobie spozywczak rodem z PRL, tam wokol bulek i chleba zamiataja na sucho…pieknie tez pracownicy wymuszaja pierwszenstwo przed klientem, czy to stojac przed polkami, czy to niosac cos…”Unbelievable” jakby to powiedzial pan Yamamoto

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