Hakone – okolice Fuji

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Today we went to Hakone area which is very close to Mt. Fuji.
First we had to go to Hakone-Yumoto, then old train to Gora, further ropeway to Sounzan, Bus to Togendai and ferry to Motohakone.

Train station in Gora:

Img 4539

Ropeway car:

Img 4554


Img 4563

Another cable car:

Img 4568

Mt. Fuji:

Img 4575

Next cable car, you can see sulfur gas behind:

Img 4577

One of those gas places, smells bad and isn’t too comfortable, in the background Mt. Fuji as usual:

Img 4607

Local food – eggs boiled in volcanic water and a list of benefits you get after eating those:

Img 4609

Egg eaters (black-white things are egg shells):

Img 4611


Img 4615

Gas warning::

Img 4616

Arrived at Togendai and getting a ferry:

Img 4668

Img 4679

View from Motohakone, Mt. Fuji, swan-shaped boat and Torii – gate separating sacred places:

Img 4689

Back to Hakone-Yumoto and big coffee cup:

Img 4711

Train to Gora:

Img 4716

Odakyu Romance Car, fast and with big windows to allow passengers to enjoy the view, the driver is on the top:

Img 4717

You can’t see such sandals (geta) too often:

Img 4718


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